The Mill is recruiting

The Mill is a volunteer led community hub in Walthamstow, East London.  Opened nearly 3 years ago, the Mill is now a valuable community resource.  We are looking for an experienced Volunteer Coordinator who will develop and manage our volunteer programme…read below for all the details and how to apply:

Job Title:  Volunteer Coordinator, The Mill

Rate £20 per hour.

6 months contract, 6 hours per week.  Ideally, you can work flexibly, including Saturdays to maximise contact with volunteers.


Responsible to: The Mill Trustees and Centre Manager, The Mill

The Mill is a shared community space for all, but not just somewhere that hires out rooms.   The Mill is a living room; where neighbours meet each other, access new skills and culture, build links and creating a sense of neighbourliness, in an area where there is isolation and deprivation.

The Volunteer Coordinator will work closely with the Centre Manager and Administrator to meet the needs of the Mill and its volunteers.    There is widespread interest in volunteering in the local community which needs to be capitalised on to make the most of the community’s potential.  We envisage the Volunteer Coordinator mainly working on Saturdays to maximise the access volunteers have to The Mill’s volunteer programme.  You will be able to interact with a diverse community of users, volunteers, staff and trustees.   You will have a good manner with the public, able to cope with varied requests from diverse people.  You will be enthusiastic, proactive, organised and sympathetic to the aims of The Mill.   You will be responsible and able to work on your initiative.

Please apply with CV and short covering letter to  Closing date Fri 27th June. Interviews will take place on Sat 12th July AM  Immediate start preferred.  Two references will be requested.

Key skills

The Mill Volunteer Coordinator

1.       You will have strong, wide ranging, experience of developing and managing volunteers.

2.       You will be able to recruit and retain volunteers from a diverse community to meet the needs of the Mill.

3.       You will be able to induct new volunteers, and run an induction programme.

4.       You will be able to work closely with the Mill staff and team leaders to identify skills gaps and needs for volunteers, and then recruit those volunteers.

5.       You will be a self-starter, able to work without direct supervision.

6.       You will have experience of working with volunteers to help you run an organisation, from reception volunteers to trustees and consultants,

7.       You will have experience of understanding safeguarding, and implementing safeguarding procedures.

8.       You will be able to maintain an effective volunteer database and administrative system.

9.       You will be able to maintain the Mill’s volunteer accreditation programme, and keep the Mill informed of any volunteering legislation.


11.   You will be able to adhere to The Mill’s vision, constitution and policies

Principal areas of responsibility

·         To promote volunteering within the Mill, being the main point of contact for volunteers, and potential recruits

·         To meet each potential and new volunteer, to assess their skills, interest and area where they could be most effective.

·         To actively recruit for new volunteers from a wide range of sources in response to the team leaders’ needs.

·         To recruit and induct new volunteers to the Mill, assessing the best role for each volunteer, making sure that each volunteer is aware of the Mill’s objectives, the Mill’s User Charter and Volunteer Policy

·         To maintain and develop The Mill’s volunteer programme, including accreditation with Greater London Volunteering, and developing the Mill’s Volunteering Policy.

·         To manage a programme of training for volunteers, such as first aid, safeguarding and health and safety.

·         Keep Trustees updated with regular written updates (monthly)

·         To create and maintain an effective Volunteer Database, using data in line with confidentiality requirements, both to maintain contact information and to evaluate the Mill’s volunteer programme.

·         Lead and motivate volunteers, supporting them in their roles and holding regular meetings with all volunteers.

·         To communicate effectively and to work in conjunction with the Mill Trustees and staff.

·         To develop a future strategy for the Mill’s volunteers, looking ahead for the next 3 years.