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Mumtaz’s story

In 2011 when The Mill was converting from the library to the centre it is today I was living with my husband in Leeds.  Up there in our village, our library was closing.  Like here, local people got together and started running it again as a library.  I’m a doctor specialising in psychiatry so well-being is very close to my heart.  On a Friday morning I’d run relaxation and breathing classes to address anxiety and anger management.

Visiting my daughter in Walthamstow she introduced me to everyone at The Mill.   She runs herbal workshops here.  l felt really welcomed.   Coming in, seeing the gentlemen reading the newspaper and people chatting was a nice scene to be part of.  I went back to Leeds and told everyone about this community centre – it’s been inspiring.

Unfortunately in 2012 my husband became ill and I took on the role as his full-time carer.  My three children encouraged us to come to London so they could support us more.    In 2015 we made the move to Edmonton.  Our children have been a great help looking after their dad – fantastic!  For example one of my daughters spends time with my husband when I volunteer at  The Mill once or twice a month.  With Sue I help at the monthly coffee morning and I’m an extra pair of hands at events that happen throughout the year. I find cooking very relaxing, and when The Mill celebrates World Food Day I donate food.  Also I very much enjoy the summer volunteer picnic.

The Mill really gives me a lot back. I take more out of here than I give.

The Mill really gives me a lot back.  I take more out of here than I give.  I have a nice break and I come back to my husband in a better mood.  I was born in India and our culture is very spiritual I really feel 99.5% of human beings are good only a small minority spoil it.  People are born to be really with each other and help each other.  I just like the company of other people and The Mill provides this.  I get a break and spend time with lovely people like Sue and I feel comfortable sharing my life with friends.

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