Room hire at The Mill

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The Mill is put to good use – from knitting club to a book group to a kid’s art session to acupuncture, the list is endless. We’re always happy to support new ventures that benefit others in our community.

If you’re thinking of starting a class, group or activity in Walthamstow we’d love to meet you and see how we can support you to make it a reality. Your idea could be brand new, or tried and tested. It could be aimed at a particular group of people, or at all ages and abilities. It could be something you want to run regularly, or a one-off event.

You’ve come to the right place

We’ll provide you with a very competitive room hire rate in Walthamstow and we’ll also support you to get your idea off the ground.

Rose hired a room here to start up a weekly baby signing class which became a real success:

“I have really enjoyed working at The Mill and found it a wonderful place to start my baby classes. Natasha and the team of volunteers have all made me feel really welcome and more importantly, I could trust them to look after my customers and welcome them to the building. I will really miss going to The Mill every week but unfortunately the we’ve outgrown the space.”

Book a room

Get in touch to check room availability and hire charge then complete our booking form.

Email us or call 020 8521 3211.

Or drop in and explore our beautiful space in person, and ask to speak to Natasha or Charlotte.

Our rooms

Garden room:

The capacity of the ground-floor room is 30 standing, 18 in ‘conference style’ seating, 25 in ‘auditorium style’ seating and about 8 for light exercise such as yoga. Fold-down tables are available.

Small meeting room:

A room with fixed meeting table, suitable for approximately 12 people.

Large main “living” room

Available for occasional hire. Large bright room suitable for around 40 people standing or roughly 20 seated at 2 large tables,and 30 in ‘auditorium style’ seating (in rows).

Table hire

It may also be possible to hire a large table for your activity in our Living room space.

The Kids room

Available for occasional hire, visit our page for more information about children’s parties. An informal space with lots of toys and books for the little ones, open to the public for use during Mill normal opening hours. It holds 10 in ‘conference style’ seating, and 18 in ‘auditorium style’ seating.

Hire the entire ground floor

Outside of normal hours you could hire all four rooms that make up the ground floor. Price by request.

Room hire rates:

Room for Hire Price (per hour)
Garden Room £15
Small Meeting Room £10
Large Main ‘Living’ Room £25
Table Hire £10
Kids Room £15
Entire Ground Floor Please enquire

Please ask about our out of hours rates, as additional charges may need to be made for staffing.

If you do choose to hire a room here at The Mill, you will be helping to keep us up and running. This will allow us to continue to provide a welcoming space for local people to connect, learn new things and make things happen!

You can email us at, call us on 020 85213211 or just drop in and explore our beautiful space in person, and ask to speak to Natasha or Charlotte.

What you need to know before booking

  • We require proof that you’re qualified to teach the activities you’ll be running – usually in the form of a certificate of a relevant qualification. You’ll be required to hold public liability insurance to protect you if anything serious should happen to a member of the public through negligence. If applicable, proof that you’re allowed to work with children or vulnerable people.
  • We’re flexible on providing rooms based on the times you need (subject to availability). There’s no minimum hire time for the room but don’t forget to include any set-up and clearing up in your hire time.
  • You’ll have exclusive use to the space hired between the times booked. Beyond these times, the spaces may be used by other hirers or other Mill activities.
  • Please familiarise yourself with The Mill’s guidance on Health and Safety and our Fire Evacuation Policy.
  • The Mill does not provide a booking service. If you want to ticket your event, we recommend you use Ticketlab which is free to use. Ticketing gives you a good feel of the turnout before your event and you can build up your mailing list of potential future customers.

Promoting your event

  • We recommend that on your promotional material have an easy to find contact number or email address.
  • When your booking is confirmed we’ll promote it on our website and social media.
  • Your event will also be automatically added to Walthamstuff which promotes events in our local area for free.
  • But don’t rely on only them to spread the word, you’ll need to keep plugging away. Encourage people to share your details and join local forums relevant to your activity and get posting.