Promoting your events and activities

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When your booking is confirmed we’ll promote it on our website and social media.  Natasha or Charlotte will send you the website link for you to complete our easy-to-fill promotional form.   Once you’ve filled this is in and it’s been approved by us your event will be published directly on to our website.   Don’t delay – the sooner the form is filled the sooner your event is getting free publicity!

On the form you’ll be asked for the following details:

  • Event/Activity name.
  • Relevant contact details.
  • Category – please tick categories that most describe your event eg family, children, creative.  The more information you provide the easier it will be for visitors to find out about your event if they use our search engine.
  • If there’s a cost.
  • Dates and times of event ( please make sure you put in the time that event starts and finishes not your setting up and putting away times).  If it’s an on-going event eg exhibition click the All day button.
  • Description of event (up to 160 words,  the more information people have, the more likely they’re to come).  Include who the event is for and if there is a limit on numbers.
  • If your event requires tickets where to get a ticket eg Ticketlab*.  The main advantages of ticketing, even a free event, is that you’ll have a good feel of the turnout before your event and you can build up your mailing list of potential future customers for the next one.
  • Image relating to the event. We recommend that you use a photo of people to give a real feel of your event. Copyright of image and permission of people in photograph will always be your responsibility.  Ideally this should be a JPEG (not a PDF).  You can use a JPEG of your poster if you prefer although this will appear very small once reduced in size online.  If we consider the image to be inappropriate we’ll request you to submit a new photo before we publish your event.

NB If the activity is on more than one time a week the form will need to be for each individual day

If possible please provide A5 copy of your poster to go on our noticeboard and leave some flyers with us.   We recommend on your promotional material an easy to find contact number or email address, please also include our logo and address.

Your event will also be automatically added to Walthamstuff which promotes events in our local area for free.

But don’t rely on only us to spread the word, you’ll need to keep plugging away. Distribute your flyers in local places and encourage people to share your details and join local forums relevant to your activity and get posting.

If you share your event on social media, tag The Mill account so we can re-share your posts.

Ticketing your event?*

If you decide to ticket your event we recommend you use the free site Ticketlab which is an offshoot of Walthamstuff.

If you’ve any questions please speak to Natasha or Charlotte as they’ll be happy to help.