The Mill room booking terms and conditions

The Mill wishes to provide the most comfortable and trouble-free room bookings. Our terms and conditions enable us to carry this out effectively. Please note when arranging bookings that, whilst we endeavour to be as helpful and supportive as possible, resources are limited and there are no on site staff dedicated to servicing or supporting meetings.

Telephone and verbal bookings will be regarded as provisional and must be confirmed in writing. Written confirmation will be taken as acceptance of the following terms and conditions:
The Mill expects all users to abide by our Mill User Charter and reserves the right to refuse entry to any person, group or organisation whose activity is not in keeping with the ethos and objectives of The Mill Room Use and Room Hire.

In particular, we wish to promote community harmony, development and inclusion, and will not support activities or allow behaviour which contravenes these aims.

The organisation and/or person in whose name the booking is made, unless otherwise states, will be regarded as the Hirer, and shall be liable in respect of the booking. The Hirer’s requirements should be detailed at the time of booking, and any changes to these requirements should be detailed in writing to The Mill not less than three working days before the booking.

Bookings and payment

Bookings must be confirmed with receipt of a completed room booking form and payment is required in advance (unless agreed otherwise). Payment can be made by cash, cheque made payable to The Mill. Or you may wish to pay by BACS Account Number: 65496028 Sort Code 08-92-99.


In the event of cancellation, Hirers are liable for payment of charges as detailed below. Notification of cancellations should be made in writing and will be effective on the date received by The Mill. In the event of a cancellation, customers are liable for payment of charges as follows:

  • 20% of total charges for cancellations made within 7 days of meeting date
  • 50% of total charges for cancellations made within 2 days of meeting date
  • 100% of total charges for cancellations made less than 24 hours of meeting date

Health and safety

The Mill regards the health and safety of everyone involved at The Mill as an integral part of its business and as a management priority. It is our policy that all activities and work will be carried out in a safe manner and we will ensure the health, safety and welfare of our employees, volunteers and others who may be affected by our activities.

Hirers should carry out their own risk assessment of their activity please visit our website for our risk assessment template. Dependent on the details of your booking The Mill may request a copy of your risk assessment.

Hirers should make themselves and their groups familiar with the fire and emergency procedures at The Mill including fire call points and fire exits. Those running workshops or activities must ensure their groups sign in in accordance with emergency evacuation procedures. Hirers are responsible for their own safety.
NB: It may be difficult to make an insurance claim without a risk assessment. If you have public liability insurance, and want to make a claim because there has been an accident, you will probably need to prove that you did everything you could reasonably have done to avoid the accident. Having a written risk assessment can help to provide this evidence. This will only work if you stick to the decisions written in your risk assessment though! There’s no point having a risk assessment that says you will put soft mats in front of a bouncy castle, if you actually never do this.

Third party insurance and liability

The Mill shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to property, or any injury which may be incurred. Any property or goods at The Mill are brought and/or left at the owner’s risk and without any liability of The Mill. Local Authorities/community groups are expected to have adequate Public Liability Insurance covering their activities.

Mandatory condition of the booking: The hirer will require to complete a risk assessment and hold the necessary licenses, membership to appropriate bodies, qualifications and public liability insurance appropriate for the sessions booked. The hirer agrees to produce this information when requested to do so by The Mill, however non-request does not invalidate this mandatory condition of the booking.

Noise and neighbours

The Mill is a neighbourhood centre and strives to be a good neighbour itself. It is also a multi-use community building, typically shared by a range of individuals and groups at any one time. All groups and individuals using The Mill must agree to respect other users and neighbours, and in particular to avoid excessive noise levels. Access to the garden area is controlled.


The Mill does not have public kitchen facilities. We can provide, by prior arrangement and for a modest additional fee, tea, coffee and a flask of hot water for your event. Alternatively, your users can use the facilities in the living room, for which they are to be asked to make a donation to The Mill. Alcohol and smoking are strictly not permitted.


The hirer shall not use the premises for any purpose other than that described in the hiring agreement, and shall not sub-hire. The hirer must be aged over 18 years old.

The hours booked must include setting up and cleaning away afterwards (30 minutes minimum either side of the booking). Hirers must clean up after themselves. They may use The Mill’s equipment and cleaning materials and staff can advise the hirer where this is.

Additional charges will be incurred if the premises are not left clean and tidy.  The hirer must have prior permission of The Mill staff before decorating any of the rooms.

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User Charter
What is The Mill?
The Mill is Walthamstow’s living room, open to anyone who wants to drop in and read the papers, view our art exhibitions, join a group or activity, use our children’s room or hire one of our rooms. We want to make life better for local people by improving the connections that residents have with each other. The Mill is a charity, led and run by volunteers, with a wide range of volunteering opportunities.
We offer you:
⦁ a children’s room with toys and books for children and their parents or carers.
⦁ a year-round programme of groups, activities and exhibitions for all ages
⦁ an honesty library and daily newspapers.
⦁ tea and coffee making facilities – small donation requested.
⦁ an exhibition space for local artists, and rooms for hire.
⦁ an accessible toilet and baby changing facilities.
⦁ a community noticeboard for local events, leaflets and flyers.
⦁ a disabled parking bay outside and bicycle parking.
In line with our charitable aim of promoting community harmony, we have a no-alcohol policy and do not accept bookings from religious groups or political parties.
When you come to The Mill you can expect us to:
⦁ be open at least 42 hours per week, 48 weeks of the year.
⦁ provide a welcoming, positive, accessible and inclusive space.
⦁ act on any concerns raised over a child or vulnerable adult in line with our Safeguarding policies and procedures.
⦁ welcome guide dogs and assistance dogs; other dogs must be on a lead and not go beyond the brown carpet at reception.
In return, we expect our users to:
⦁ respect our volunteers, staff and other users, the building and its contents.
⦁ be considerate to others; share the space and respect the different needs of others.
⦁ clean and tidy up after yourselves and do not make excessive noise.
⦁ take responsibility for your own possessions.
⦁ supervise children you are in care of: children under 10 should be supervised by an adult at all times.


The Mill
Policy on Room Booking and Exclusions
The Mill is a community development project which aims to promote community cohesion, develop social capital and reduce social isolation.
We welcome most community bookings but cannot accept bookings for:
⦁ Events or activities which discriminate on grounds of gender, race, ethnic origin, national origin, disability, sexuality, religion or age in a way which creates or intensifies divisions in our community. (This does not apply to activities that seek to strengthen bonds within an already marginalised group – such as women-only support sessions).
⦁ Events or activities which serve alcohol.
⦁ Events or activities which unreasonably disrupt other Mill users or the residential neighbourhood around us (such as being excessively noisy).
⦁ Events or activities run by or for political parties.
⦁ Acts of worship or any other religious group activity.
⦁ Groups or individuals proselytizing about religion or politics.
All users must also abide by the User Charter.
The aim of this policy is so that everyone can use the Mill.
We reserve the right to decline any booking or activity which we believe would be counter to our charitable aim of Promoting Community Harmony.
March 2016