Honesty Library

Take a book if you’d like one. Leave a book if you’d like to help

At the heart of The Mill is our Honesty Library, stocked full of books for all ages,  donated by local people.  There’s a wide choice of books to suit all ages.  Anyone can borrow a book without any formalities of a library. So drop by and pick up a book.

Having a library open for the community has always been a big part of The Mill. When the St James Street Library closed in 2007 we campaigned to bring the building back into public, and in Autumn 2011 reopened the building as The Mill, a multi-purpose community space.

Our library is run by a team of volunteers, led by a retired librarian, who keep our book shelves replenished.

Donate your books

We welcome more books! We’ve only limited space, so if we don’t have room to display or store any of them, we’ll pass them on to other local charities. Or donate to the Little Free Libraries, the book cabinets, found in the front gardens of local residents. Or if we can we’ll sell on your books to raise extra funds.

To contact the honesty library please email books@themill.org

Why not join The Mill book club?

Our book club runs every monthly and always welcomes new contributors.

I always feel welcome at the Mill. Love the honesty library and the knitwear on sale.

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