Helen Hawkins bio

Helen Hawkins

Helen is an archaeological project manager, working for Pre-Construct Archaeology Ltd, a commercial archaeology company. Prior to her current role, Helen worked as an archaeologist on many sites throughout London and the South-East, excavating remains dating from the prehistoric period to the 19th and 20th century. Day to day, Helen tenders for archaeological work required prior to construction, and organises and manages the archaeological fieldwork. PCA has carried out several sites in Walthamstow recently, including the Ferry Lane site, and an excavation of prehistoric remains and a Roman farmstead in the Village.


Ferry Lane, Walthamstow – Archaeological Investigations

Pre-Construct Archaeology Ltd carried out an archaeological investigation at Ferry Lane, close to Blackhorse Road tube station in 2016, prior to the construction of a new housing development. The edges of the Lea floodplain were often used for prehistoric settlement and exploitation of the marshes and therefore the whole of the lower Lea Valley area has been assigned as an archaeological priority area. The archaeological trench found the former river edge was about 3m below current ground level. A small channel was identified, along which three timber posts of Iron Age and Bronze Age date had been driven into the ground, perhaps forming part of a fish trap or for holding nets to catch birds. A number of donkey bones of Iron Age date had also washed into the channel. The prehistoric material was sealed by later ground build up from the construction of the reservoirs and the later use of the site as factories and a racetrack.