Start divining with Freya Ingva

Start Divining with Freya IngvaEvery other Tuesday, 6:30pm – 8pm
7 and 21 November, 5 December 2017
Booking for the whole series £42; individual workshops £12
Max 12 participants.

This series of practical workshops is aimed at helping you get acquainted and use some divining and healing tools and techniques. Together we will start with a grounding, cleansing and centring practice, followed by dowsing. Then, we will look at runes and, finally, at crystals. Open to everybody.

Freya Ingva has been using her intuition since childhood. After a time of denial, she decided to explore what was truly happening, allowing her to name experiences and understand their relevance. She has developed and studied with many masters of our time in the field of dowsing, shamanism, psychics studies, healing, personal development, mediumship and more.

Please get in touch by email or telephone 0757 850 6317 for information or book online on