Fruit tree planting day @ The Mill

The Blackhorse Action Group Garden Squad will be planting fruit trees in the small garden of The Mill on Saturday December 3 and everyone is invited to come along and help.Tree planting

As part of the vision of creating an edible and wildlife garden at The Mill BAG Garden Squad are planting a redcurrant bush and an apple and plum espaliers. These are trained fruit trees that will grow along the fence.

And if you don’t want to be outdoors you can take part in the “Wish making” activity inside at The Mill. This involves making Christmas wishes for The Mill on cards to be displayed. Bring your fancy pens, glitter or any other material you want to decorate with your Christmas wish for The Mill.

Planting will take place from 11am – 1pm. Everybody is welcome to come and join the fun!

Look forward to seeing you at the planting day!

BAG Garden Squad