‘Our story so far. The past, the present and the possible future’ Exhibition

Sun 17 June, 2018 - Fri 3 August, 2018 All Day

Living Room


This is our opportunity to celebrate The Mill. We’ll take a step back to see how far we’ve come, consider where we are now, and take a step forward towards what the future could possibly bring. Our art producer is Alison Dunne.

To make the best use of our centre we’re looking into ways to build on our strong foundations. Our aim is to do so in a way which inspires everyone to get involved, never forgetting that The Mill is more than bricks and mortar. It’s the people who make it a home away from home.

Become part of the story

Postcards are available to hang on washing lines.  Fill one in and peg it up.  This is your chance to let us know what you love about the Mill and your wishes for our future.

Groups involved

The Mill Knitters, Community Voices and the Kid’s Art Club have all produced individual canvases.  Each one showing in their own special way what The Mill means to them.  We have loved finding out the role The Mill plays in their lives and have been hearing some great ideas for the future!

Midsummer  Mill

Sunday, 24 June 2018, 11am – 2pm

View some photos from our Midsummer Mill event.  Did you come and can spot yourself?

Kingston School of Art

From 2nd – 6th  July 2018 a group of architecture students and architects from Kingston School of Art were residents at The Mill, analysing and mapping our existing spaces to see how we use our great building.  Scaled down model of the building, photographs, questionnaires, floor plans and drawings they’ve sketched have been incorporated into the exhibition.

They listened and recorded the voices of our wide and diverse user groups.  This was an opportunity for everyone to share their thoughts about The Mill.

Photos of our budding architects hard at work.

Watch our video about the consultation:

The Mill Our Story So Far Consultation from The Mill E17 on Vimeo.
The results of the consultation to be published shortly.

Thank you to volunteer, Laura Martinez for all the great photos – video on putting the show together coming out soon!

Price: Free