Montessori Play Group North London

Every Monday, 24 July – 21 August 2017
Cost: £8 (siblings £4)

Montessori Baby Group
9.30am – 10.20am
Pregnancy – 15 months

Montessori Toddler Group
10.30 – 11.20am
15 months – 4 years

Montessori toys

  • Support and encourage your child’s love of learning
  • Cultivate and enable your child’s ‘inner teacher’
  • Help your child develop fine and gross motor skills through carefully designed practical activities
  • Lay strong foundations for maths, science and language through the use of purposeful Montessori activities
  • Aid your child’s school education by providing ‘outside the box’ learning opportunities
  • Learn to apply Montessori principles at home
  • Improve child’s ability to concentrate
  • Encourage kindness, grace and courtesy

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