Wellbeing Champions


Wellbeing Champions are volunteers that help us measure how The Mill’s activities and groups improve the wellbeing of local people.

We know that by connecting with each other, keeping active and learning new things people can really improve their wellbeing. Many of The Mill’s groups and activities already provide local people with these opportunities and we need your help to capture the impact of our activities, and help us make a case for future funding.

There are two types of Champions:

Group Leaders: volunteers with an established group, or an idea for a group. They measure and analyse the impact of their activities on their group members, and also help The Mill collect information about wellbeing.

Roving Champions: volunteers without a group. They help us measure the impact of different facilities and programmes at The Mill, and help group leaders who need support in measuring their own impact.

Become a Wellbeing Champion!

If you’re a group leader this is a great opportunity to share the ways you gather feedback from your members, and learn tips from other group leaders which can help you find funding and report on your impact.

If you’re a Mill volunteer this is a chance to learn more about the groups that make The Mill, and to support them to gather the right information and present it in the right way.

Although the workshops have now finished, it’s still possible to get involved and get 1-2-1 training from Ingrid. Get in touch! ingrid@themill-coppermill.org

Champion Resources

Here are some resources for our Wellbeing Champions. We’ll be adding to this list as we develop the programme together with our champions:

Story of Change Worksheet

Comparison of Research Methods

Research Method Worksheet

Case Study Template

And the presentations:

Stories of Change

Measure What Matters

Case Studies