Older People’s Projects

Dedicated sessions for older people

In 2014 the High Street Community Ward Forum awarded us a grant to run a series of activities for local older people.  We wanted this project to do two things: provide regular activities and provide a range of offers for people to try out new things.  Many of the activities chosen were developed and led by older volunteers, including the Memory Catchers oral history volunteering group.

Conversation Mill with Waltham Forest Community Radio Group


A celebration and archive of the life experience of older people in Waltham Forest. Weekly conversation and recording sessions were run at The Mill in which older people were invited to talk about their lives, opinions and experiences and select favourite poems and pieces of music to accompany the recordings.

Listen to the amazing recordings  made in these sessions

Telling Tales Lounge with Sonali

Older residents were invited to come and share their life stories, or as much as they want to share, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, and continued the ancient tradition of oral storytelling.

The Coppermill Recycled Teens

The Mill’s Over 60’s group, The Coppermill Recycled Teens, started up at The Mill with regular meetings. They arranged trips like visiting Westminster and also inviting guests like the Mayor of Walthamstow to visit.

Although they no longer meet at The Mill,  here’s a video of the group talking about The Mill, setting up The Teens, and on that particular week picking out some of their favourite music.