Every Picture Tells a Story

Every picture tells a story  part of the E17 Art Trail 2015Exhibition for all ages

28 May 2015 – 4 July 2015


Every Picture Tells a Story, part of the E17 Art Trail 2015, will showcase a vibrant mixture of work in different types of media from a variety of professionals, first timers and everyone in between.  and beautiful mosaics created by Monica and her Saturday morning mosaic group in The Mill Garden.  The Mill is not a gallery but a Community Art Space, and we have established a tradition of ‘one person, one piece’ group exhibitions demonstrating the inspirational breadth of talent and creativity of people of all backgrounds and of all ages in the local community.

The E17 Art Trail theme this year is Story Telling, and we think every picture will tell it’s own story. Come along to the exhibition and see for yourself. Write us a story in our Story Book, or share stories with a friend.

During opening hours:Hop along to the Kid’s Room and meet Walthamstow Bunny, the Art Trail’s artist-in-residence! Learn to draw it, make a cut-out and write a story. FREE art packs for children.

Saturday 6 June The Mill Bakers 11.30 – 3pm in the Garden Room, take time for a breather if you have been on the E17 Art Trail and buy a tasty slice of cake and cup of tea, Mill Knits and Mill Merchandise also available, all proceeds to The Mill!

Saturday 6 June 10.30 Sunday 7 June 11.30: Heather’s Happy House of Stories: “I love to tell stories, I love to listen too. Have you got a story to tell me? I’ve got lots to tell you. Come to the playroom at The Mill, and we’ll find out a story or two, we’ll have some super adventures, me and you”