Sam Kennedy, designer and fabricator currently based at Blackhorse Workshop E17, created and installed new outdoor signage for The Mill in mid-January 2015. The Mill asked Sam about the project and his creative process:

How did you come up with your final designs?

When I first visited The Mill to talk about signage, I met Mo Gallacio [former Trustee and current Artworks Director at The Mill], who gave me a tour and introduced me to lots of people who use the space. I got a feeling for the place as somewhere that could fill a gap in people’s lives; a supportive, welcoming and above all friendly place. The Mill isn’t a commercial space, so I wanted to avoid something that felt like a standard shop sign you see up and down the high street. I was also interested in trying to work with what was there; in this case the many struts of wood that make up the facade. The final design, chosen by the team at The Mill, uses the strips of wood to make the image of an awning, to welcome and shelter.

How did you make the signage and what materials is it made from?

We hired scaffolding and started painting – me, my wife Aiko, and my friend Robbie. The metal letters were laser-cut from aluminium, with a black steel surround. The light box was fabricated for me. First we painted – with fingers crossed for no rain – then hung the rest of the facade.

Was it a fun project?

I enjoyed working with everyone at The Mill. It felt like I was able to contribute something to the space. My sister lives nearby and she came to see it. It felt good to make something public for, and with, the local community.

Any other comments?

I’m thinking about joining the chess club on Sundays [at The Mill].


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