Plenty for kids over the Fun Palace weekend


Plenty for kids over the Fun Palace weekend at The Mill (4-5 October)

–       Construct a Giant Elephant

–       Make shadow puppet jungle animals and try them out, inventing your own stories in the Story Machine.

–       Come and make costumes for a jungle parade – All creatures big and small. Don’t forget to bring them along for the singing on Sunday (1.30-4).

–       Badge Making.

–       The Drawing Room: The Garden Room walls will be covered with good quality drawing paper. Led by local artists those of all ages can join in and DRAW!

–       Write a memory on a postcard: We hope everyone will be inspired to share their memories of Walthamstow. Kids can write or draw their memories on a postcard or interview each other using the story telling machine.

–       Choirs and community singing: Kids and adults will join in with 3 amazing local choirs (Sunday 1.30 – 4.30pm).