Do you want to train as a MEMORY CATCHER?


Age charities report that many people feel isolated and rarely talk to anyone.

We are running a series of four sessions to enable people to train as “Memory Catchers”, to engage with older people and encourage them to share memories and reminisce over the Fun Palace weekend (and hopefully beyond at regular social events at The Mill).

The Fun Palace weekend will take place on 4-5 October and we are delighted to be partnering with the Vestry House Museum who will bring along photos and memorabilia as visual prompts.

Memory Catcher Training
(Thursdays 2-4pm, from 11 Sept for 4 weeks, at The Mill)

The training sessions will include;
– Tips on how to listen from the Oral History Society (11 Sept)
– A presentation on the issues faced by older people from Contact the Elderly (18 Sept)
– Methods and approach for starting conversations with Mo Gallaccio (25 Sept)
– Vestry House Museum will talk through the photographs and memorabilia that will be available on the day (2 Oct)

Please contact Mo at if you would like to join these sessions or would like further information.