One Day Course – Permaculture & Sufism: A Return to The Natural Patterning

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One Day Course – Permaculture & Sufism: A Return to The Natural Patterning
Sat 20th Sept 2014
Course Fees: £55 / Limited Concessions. Advance booking only.

“The speech of water, the speech of earth, and the speech of mud
Are apprehended by the sense of them that have hearts”
Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi: Mathnawi 1.3279

Permaculture is a practical system for sustainable living, based on observing principles and patterns in nature. By maximising relationships in living systems, permaculture has empowered people worldwide to develop dynamic, resilient projects that work with nature, rather than against it. Whether the home and garden, mosque/congregation space, or one’s own life and career, permaculture can be applied to each situation.

At the same time, Sufism, a spiritual tradition that locates humankind within the wider ecology, has relationship at its heart.

This short course will explore the ethics and practical tools of Permaculture, the coherence of Islamic Sufism, and the relationship between the two.

This event is a collaboration between Wisdom In Nature and the Inclusive Mosque Initiative with support from Rumi’s Cave.

We intend that by the end of this course you will:

– Have an understanding of basic permaculture tools & principles, as well as permaculture ethics.
– Understand how permaculture can be used to design holistic, resilient land-based & community projects.
– Have experience of being a ‘Witness to Nature’ and recognise its importance in an applied spirituality.
– Discover ecologically sound ways to apply spiritual values to contemporary challenges.
– Be enriched and inspired by fellow travellers at the exciting intersection between Permaculture and Sufism.

Course Facilitators:

Muzammal Hussain (Permaculture Designer & Group Facilitator).
Shumaisa Khan (Permaculture & Sustainability Tutor).

Advance bookings ONLY, see for details.
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