A new exhibition in The Mill from 6 Feb: Telling Stories


Running at The Mill from February 6th to 29th March: Telling Stories Exhibition! Mixed media event; pictures, film, sound recordings – an ever expanding exhibition! Including the launch of the incredible Story Machine.

So much goes on every day at The Mill – art, craft, poetry, writing, reading, teaching and exercise, with children and adults – that we don’t always get a chance to capture and share the stories of everyone involved. That’s where the Story Machine comes in. Invented, built and decorated by a team of The Mill community members, Walthamstow artist Michelle Reader and designers from the Royal College of Art, it is an internet-connected contraption combining camera, mini-cinema, story-booth and library.


 We will be launching the Story Machine as part of the Telling Stories exhibition; come along and tell your stories and experience others’, including the Midsomer Murder at The Mill movie from summer 2013.

Telling Stories will also feature a mobile display of the ‘assets’ of The Mill and Walthamstow, as told to Royal College of Art researchers earlier in 2013. These ‘assets’ are a record of The Mill’s value and links within the community and further afield.

The exhibition is open daily but for the launch on Thursday 6th February at 6pm artist Michelle Reader and designers from the Royal College of Art will be present.