Get Upcycling competition results + Win an upcycled chair

The winner’s of  Forest Recycling Project’s “Get Upcycling” have been announced and we have a competition to win one of the entries.

To mark the end of the competition, Andrzej Jazdzewski has offered his traditional bent wood style chair, sanded down light beech wood with ‘astro-turf’ seat covering as a prize. It also has Snail shells which were filled with ‘hard’ wood filler for attaching to chair main frame. This is a prototype version, the real thing would incorporate carved ‘Wooden Snails’, sourced from wood working artisans working at ‘The Forest Farm Peace Garden’ Project in Hainault.

To win the chair (pictured left) answer this riddle:
‘What question can you never answer ‘yes’ to ? …

Answers can be dropped into The Mill with your email/contact details or emailed into
The answer was  ‘Are you asleep ?
The winner as drawn by the Mayor of Walthamstow was Gerhard Weiss.

A winner will be drawn at random on Thursday 21st June.

The competition saw entries from across London. The unique furniture was displayed alongside creative work highlighting the need to be resourceful with waste materials.

FRP ran this competition to connect with local artists and designers and encourage them to use old furniture and waste materials from the FRP ReUse Centre, 2c Bakers Avenue, E17 9AW.

Outside The Mill Gemma Seddon ran a practical demonstration on decoupaging an old plastic school chair with old natural history illustrations.  It is a great example of a simple but very effective way to liven up an old piece of furniture which adults and children can try.
People were inspired by the inventiveness of the designs and many openly expressed how they wanted to get involved and give pieces of their own furniture a new lease of life.

The upcycled entries were judged carefully according to design resolution, inventiveness of upcycling and overall appeal

by Penny Fielding from the Walthamstow shop Beautiful Interiors and local maker/ designer Jonathan Thomas aka Walthamstow Dad.
All winners won a years membership for East London Community Repaint as well as other donated prizes.

The winning item of the professional category is a chair entitled REST by Hinchee Hing and in the amateur category a child’s toy cooker made from a side cupboard by Chris Dolan.

1st Hinchee Hing – REST – chair
2nd F-A-C-E
3rd The Mill’s Tin-Tin chair.

1st Chris Dolan – Toy cooker.
2nd – Clive Mahoney
3rd – Michael Rolfe

Isabel Simons won the People’s prize with a childs chair which is being donated to the Mill’s honesty library.

Gemma Seddon, who ran the decoupage demo, entered a lamp which was given a special mention for ingenuity for the use of pill pots forming a wood turned desk table lamp, by the Judges Penny Fielding and Jonathan Thomas aka Walthamstow Dad.

James Britten’s sofa bench, made from a clever amalgamation of broken wooden furniture, was displayed on the pavement, attracting many people to try it out and take a look inside at the exhibition.

The architect/design collective F-A-C-E, which created all the wonderful furniture and childrens toys for The Mill from scaffold boards and furniture from the old library, won 2nd prize in the professional category. They now have a stall at the newly revived St James St market and you can order their re-cycled products from their website.

Pictures below by Alan Husband.

Thanks go to Penny Fielding gallery and interiors, Inky Cuttlefish Studios, Walthamstow Dad and The Hornbeam Cafe and East London Community Repaint for all their support and donated prizes.