Free Website training: Sat 11th Feb


Talk About Local are running a free course for anyone interested in learning how to setup and run a website, particularly one dedicated to our neighbourhood and to building local networks.

Have you ever fancied running a blog or website for your group, residents association, gardening project or any local issue you’re interested in?

Sat 11th Febuary 2012
To reserve a place please email, phone The Mill or just pop in and sign up.

The course is designed to help people find a powerful online voice for their community that they own and run.

It will show you how to:

How a simple, free online community networks and websites can be used effectively for a wide variety of issues, from local community activism and politics to organising local sports or arts groups, or simply talking passionately about your interests online.

How to create a simple, free website using By the end of the
session attendees create their own website, tailor its appearance, written their first post and learned how to moderate other people’s comments on the site.

Making a WordPress website come alive – Some hints and tips for structure,
layout, and content for a community website.

Keeping it legal – hints, tips and links around defamation and copyright.

Using Facebook for community discussion – how people use Facebook to reach
and engage local people.

How Facebook might best be used for building and developing local networks.

Different ways of working with Facebook – the characteristics of Facebook profiles,
pages, groups and events.

Working with Facebook and WordPress – the characteristics of each publishing
platform and how they can work when used exclusively and together.