Working hard to renovate The Mill

It’s been a hectic six weeks at the Mill, as dozens of volunteers have helped restore and repair this neglected building into a community hub for use by everyone in Walthamstow.

Our highly skilled and invaluable squad of young architects and designers, interning at The Mill, have worked around the clock to plan and then build flexible and tailored furniture and fittings for the rooms. Using recycled materials and innovative designs, they have been able to overcome some very tight finances. Many of you will have met and spoken with them recently, and they have incorporated feedback from the community into their work.

We have also been very lucky to have highly-skilled volunteers helping with the complicated refurbishment project. Fiona Cobb, a local structural engineer, and Joe Swift, the local architect managing the design squad, have been invaluable. Of course, the most important work has been carried out by members of the community, who have responded to calls for help or just popped in to give their time.In particular, Jim McQuarrie has given over many hours to make the building whole again.

Great progress was made during the ‘Paint and Grow the Mill’ weekend as many volunteers came to fix and paint the walls and work in the garden – thank you to you all!

There are more opportunities ahead for the community to get involved in repairing and revitalising the building. There are shelves to be made, cushions to be sewn, and work to be carried out to make the front of the building fresh again.

As this work continues, it’s clear that the building will reflect the needs and aspirations of the people working on it, and we hope that you can join us in making this happen!
A Pro turns up to help the volunteers